5 Days Program

Northern Safari “2”

Day 1: Moving from Cairo to Baharyia oasis having lunch –making local trip –visiting the monuments in the oasis–overnight
       in the hotel.
Day 2: Moving after breakfast to the black desert –Bedouin village 'El haez' then to the crystal mountain –Elagabat – the
       new white desert –returning to the hotel.
Day 3: Moving to siwa oasis visiting 'El Nawamis lake –and arriving to 'Setra sand dunes overnight in a camp there.
Day 4: Moving to El Araq area –arriving to siwa having lunch  then moving to towards the hotel after midday we will make
       a local trip in siwa to visit [Amon Temple –Alexander Temple –Cleopatra's  pool – Elmawta mountain Fetnas pool]
       taking photos to the sunset over night in a hotel.
Day 5: Moving from the hotel to visit 'El Marage village (Bahe El Deen) having lunch and take a rest then returning to