celebrate the phenomenon of the sun passes in Abu Simbel 22 February 2014


Pictures .. launch events to celebrate the phenomenon of the sun passes in Aswan

Hamouda Kamil published  in Egypt on 18 - 02-2014

Launched on Tuesday figures to celebrate the phenomenon of the sun passes in 2014 , which is held during the period from 18 to 22 Feb. organized Defile folk groups of international and Egyptian streets of the city of Aswan next Carnival same difference on a sailboat on the page Nile immortal and the center post of the people of Aswan and some tourists who happened to their Nile cruise tours , and also who are floating hotels .

Participated Aswan Governor Mustafa applies 16 Art Troupe popular offering offerings technical including 8 international teams are China , Georgia, Greece, Romania , Cameroon, Tanzania , Tunisia, Bangladesh , in addition to the 8 teams Egyptian is Skirt and Ismailia and Luxor , Beni Suef , freedom and Aswan and Toshka Halayib and Shalateen which will also today at the opening ceremony of the second session of the Festival of Culture and Arts summer theater .

On the other side was Mustafa valid signal the start of the ex camel in the presence of Hussein blocker Tread president of the Arab Union for hybrids and Solomon Elzimleut Vice President of the Union in addition to Mohamed Abdel Zaher head of the Nile tourism activity , cultural and environmental recuperation Festival Aswan first Arab Camel , equestrian and which takes place on 18 , and February 19 , which includes current and former organizing Bamadmar village west of Suhail with the participation of 40 sentences in them will determine the winner after passing four runs, and concludes with former winners determine where awards will be for them in the closing ceremony of the tournament tomorrow evening in the presence of governors of Aswan and new Valley Club West Suhail .

The complete figures the sun passes over the next two days by offering to folk groups in all cities and centers of the province, in addition to organizing an exhibition of art huge titled " Beijing dynamic " featuring more than 40 paintings giant reflecting the history of the capital, Beijing , civilization, especially as the guest of honor at the festival will be the state of China to conclude then actors organize the closing ceremony of the Festival of Aswan for Culture and the Arts on Feb. 21 Bmabdi Abu Simbel, then offers to folk groups Square market within the city , as the final day of the festival the morning of February 22 will be involved all the difference in the provision of technical presentations and Defile in a dish the temple while watching the crowds of tourists to the phenomenon of the sun passes both within the Holy of Holies or through screens Alcalstrama phenomenon which will be presented in front of the temple , along with the history of civilization in Egypt.


The temples of Abu Simbel

Dr Ahmed Saleh, director general of Abu Smeal effects that the sun Sttaamd on the face of the temple of Ramses II in Abu Simbel rare astronomical phenomenon occurs on Saturday morning at six and 23 minutes and takes about 20 minutes .

He stressed , today , it's constant communication and coordination with the Tourism and Antiquities Police have been tight insurance plan to secure the temple and the surrounding area during the celebration of that phenomenon, noting that he will see this phenomenon a number of ministers, governors , along with 30 ambassadors .

The expected benefit of the presence of 400-600 foreign tourists and more than 3000 visits Egyptian to watch the celebration of those astronomical phenomenon rare , pointing out that he was setting screens outside the temple to view the phenomenon and broadcast live to allow for all the follow-up of those rare phenomenon that embodies the scientific progress of the ancient Egyptians , especially in the field of astronomy.

He said that the phenomenon of the sun passes in Abu Simbel in the Holy of Holies in the temple Big occur on 22 October and February each year , noting that Feb. 22 is the day that coincides with the first day of the harvest season , according to years of astronomical ancient Egyptian , and in this day in ancient Egypt was the Egyptian people go to temples carrying a bundle of barley thank the gods blessing success in the growing season .

He added that the stages perpendicular sunlight on the temple Abu Simbel great start Ptaang sunlight in the beginning with monkeys above the interface of the great temple , and then go down to focus on the God of the Rising Sun " Re-Hor my sister ," which carving inside a rectangular body intradermal and Ras Al Saqr and Ali head disk of the sun , standing on both sides of King Ramses II and offers a sacrifice Almaat .

He said that after the fall sunlight into the main entrance of the Great Temple and sneak a distance of 48 meters , and rushing , surpassing the hall first , and the second hall , and gym under review, and the Holy of Holies to remain in the lap of the Western Wall are between twenty minutes to twenty-five minutes , and paint the sun framework rectangle Ali the body of King Ramses II and the god Amun -Re in the Holy of Holies , and moving to the right, toward the right shoulder of the god Ra Hoor my sister , even disappear on the thin line parallel to the leg Yemeni god of the latter, and after about 25 minutes withdraw the sun to the second hall , then the hall first , and disappear after so from inside the temple as a whole.

He pointed out that the festival celebration Ptaamd Sun 2014 will be held under the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Culture sector of Foreign Cultural Relations , in coordination with the Ministry of Antiquities and the province of Aswan and the City Council of Abu Simbel , explaining that the celebration will begin Friday evening presentation " Alcalchrama " device interactive presentation and doing a documentation center Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Library of Alexandria will present films and documentaries about save the Nubian monuments and temples of Abu Simbel .

He said he will be held on the sidelines of the ceremony , " Bedouin Tent " Foundation for the Egyptian family under the supervision of Dr. Suhair the Egyptian head of the institution , which will showcase the heritage of the tribes in the south of Egypt, especially Aswan and the Red Sea , will also showcase products Bedouin women , along with performances by groups Arts International and local theater sound and light .

Abu Simbel Temple
Abu Simbel Temple 1
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