Events organization

Conference organization

Congress and meeting organization and adivice


 Medical-scientific congress

Awards organization

Inauguration organization

All preparation for congress and exhibitions

Professional hostess and stewards multilingual for hospitality desks, stands, transfers, gala dinners

Exclusive Catering Service

Rental of the gazebo, stages and structures for Gran Galà

Tecno-logistics services

Show and Entertainments tailored for your company

Computerized management, graphic design and creative logo study for a coordinated image of the event

Stay in hotel with very interessed price and internet offers.

Transport offers: flight, train and ferry boat.

Information service desk.


Cali INternational Travel offers a lot of services to accompany its partners from start to finish for every type of : 

event, congress, meeting, conference and conference.

 FIRST advice for planning the event:


- analysis of the participants target,

- location research,

- budget planning,

- defination of the tecnic audio video services,

- catering,

- gala dinner,

- entertainments,

- on line registration for the participants 

DURING Assistance to the event:

- realization the evetn with highly qualified staff for every services

- guests registation directly in the conference centre

AFTER closing event:

- final balance